Side effects of Taxol Chemotherapy: Headache

taxol side effects headache

Taxol side effects headache is caused by the decrease in white & red blood platelets in blood serum. A lower red blood corpuscles (RBC) count indicates lesser amount of oxygen supply to the body. The organ nearer to heart get adequate amount of oxygen, whereas the organs away from heart & the ones flushing more blood through them don’t get sufficient oxygen. Brain isn’t that much far from heart, but it needs a bigger proportion of the total blood in a human’s body to keep it running. Brain is the centre of highest neural activity and hence requires highest energy. So, when the oxygen intake is ceased, people feel like anaemia and feel severe headache.

What should people with taxol side effects headache do?

In most of the cases, taxol side effects headache is temporary. However, the ache may last for a few months even after the medication is stopped. Permanent headache is rare. As long as one is kept under medication, as a side effect the ache may last. The patient is also allowed to take pain killers as the chemical composition of the pain killers has no harm to do with the same of taxol.

As far as the low blood count is concerned, the patient has to be extremely careful till the dosage is completed. They have to make an assumption of the places they have to go. They should avoid crowded and vehicle dense places. These places have lesser oxygen and higher polluting gases. The patient should wear a mask every time he goes out. They have to make schedules for themselves like they can’t go to grocery shop in the crowd, so they can have it early in the morning.

The patient’s bed, clothes, utensils and other personal things should be clean. Things like clothes and bed should not be shared. They need to use hand sanitizers before every meal. Sometimes, all of these precautions fell like a bit isolating than the other busy and moving-on world, but it’s necessary to do so.

What do we get against taxol side effects headache?

A plant alkaloid paclitaxel is sold in the market with the trade name of taxol. It’s a drug used in chemotherapy for cervical, breast, prostate and lung cancer. When the cancer is in its first or second state, taxol works as the only chemical which could reduce the growth of the malignant tissues and dissolves them. Kaposi’s sarcoma is also treated with this drug.
Other side effects:

The patient feels mild nausea and develops a vomiting tendency. Sometimes the thicker surface of the hands and the feet start burning and become numb. Lips and mouth get dry. The patient looses appetite and his taste buds don’t work. So, there is a change of taste of the foods. Skin gets marks upon mild gliding against any surface. Ankles swell and liver works in an elevated way. Excess secretion from liver leads to diarrhoea. Few patients also feel chest pain due to abrupt change in heart beat causing difficulty in breathing.

Taxol side effects headache can be serious if any other medication is being taken by the patient; if so, consult your oncologist first.

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